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.Monday, March 29, 2010 ' Y

its been long since i've last touch on my blog!!
i suddenly remembered that i actually have a blog!! woooo..
its like 1.35am now in Melbourne... and im not sleeping yet!
have to help Showlin with her assignment...
and Reggie is playing with my dslr...
Martin is playing his F1 computer game... =.=

and i have seriously no idea what to blog...
goodbye & goodnight..

★•·.·´¯`·.·• ☆EILEEN☆ •·.·´¯`·.·• ★
10:31 PM

.Tuesday, November 3, 2009 ' Y

good friends are hard to come by..... but wonderful buddy, like EDDY, is even harder to come by!! why do you have to go leave all of us here in melbourne all of a sudden and head back to singapore!? besides your annoying enrollment + your urghhhh cant be avoided NS... why why why?! how's life in melb gonna be like when you're not with us?! )=
i love it when EDDY is aways by my side... he's like a big brother to me... having him by my side gives me a sense of security!! he helps me everytime when im in need of help. when im lost. when im down. when im sad. and now, i'll be left all alone to deal with my own things...
an eye for an eye...
when will we ever gonna take more of this photos again~??
when when when??.... photos with you so little.
memories of you yet so many!! >.<

★•·.·´¯`·.·• ☆EILEEN☆ •·.·´¯`·.·• ★
12:41 PM

.Monday, September 21, 2009 ' Y

studying this unit = killing my own brain cells
this unit is seriously killing me.
first was the stupid jurassic park i had to watch for my movie analysis.
next was the stupid scary movie which i need to watch as well. and write a 1500 words essay on just 5 minutes of it. so much for sequence analysis...
god damn it.
now the theory part...
exam = short essay questions, long essay questions & one bloody 500 words essay.
no idea where to start studying from. and bloody hell. film studies is a pain in the ass!!

tomorrow afternoon is exam for this stupid mass communication.
die die die.
bloody hell. stressed out...
haven sat for exam for so many months... close to a year.

★•·.·´¯`·.·• ☆EILEEN☆ •·.·´¯`·.·• ★
5:19 PM

.Monday, September 14, 2009 ' Y

one more week!!
just give me one more week & i'll be back in spore.
going to fly back with Eddy... wahahaha
should i be happy or not?....
baby is leaving for hongkong one day earlier than me.
i'll be missing him...
& he'll be back to melbourne 5 days later than me )):
how how how?
baby!! im so gonna miss the shit out of u...
lets spend more time together before you leave. alrights?
& dont forget to call/msn/skype me whenever u can!! )):

Dion, Joey!!
im going back soon.
i'll be friggin busy mann.
out with Dion n Joey.
out with relatives.
out with Pet.
out with family.
out with Sinying, Sinni & family...
busy busy me!!!!!!
but i'll still miss my baby!!
& im gonna miss Tiara too...
how how how how how how?!
im gonna miss u...

***currently its like 9pm in Melb, and im in school with baby, eddy, durga & shirley...
studying!!! exams next week!! ): bleah...

★•·.·´¯`·.·• ☆EILEEN☆ •·.·´¯`·.·• ★
6:36 PM

.Saturday, August 29, 2009 ' Y

exams are coming.
in 3 damn weeks.
Fuck!! ):
i've gotta settle my mind and soul down. and start studying.

21-25 Sept, i'll be busy having my exams.
26 Set, i'll be flying back to spore with Eddy (:
its good thats i'll be flying back with Eddy...
not so boring & i think i most prolly get slight entertainment. 

a little update...
went clubbing last friday @ XII.
i've a few pictures uploaded onto facebook.
the place was not too bad. 
but the security guards & bouncers have super f*attitude...
looking at the way how Elvis danced, can laugh mann...
then Gwen & Loon ordered whiskey mixer... 
Loon treated me Tequila shots (:
Jessica and Val got drunk.
Val started scolding this sporean guy, Daniel whom Gwen and i got to know.
so i got to bring both of them home first... 
sad case.

Dion, i so miss the hell out of you!!! (:
im coming back soon.
really soon.
you'll see me in slightly less than 1 month.
woohoo =D

★•·.·´¯`·.·• ☆EILEEN☆ •·.·´¯`·.·• ★
10:53 PM

.Saturday, August 15, 2009 ' Y

yo yo yo!!
im back (:

& im still surviving on indomie!!
daddy and mummy came to melb to visit me during N'day. 
and spent 3days with them. 
they've got me a macbook pro!
cool shit. 

last night went to the city with Gwen, Val, Nick, Chester, Jessica and Kawing
was there to celebrate Marcus's and Kawing's birthday... 
they have the same birth date. only different year! haha. 
haha. sang and screamed a lot. 
cake fight!! eew... 
innocent me! stood infront of Kawing when Louis was about to smash a plate of cake onto her. and so... i kenna!
pictures will be uploaded soon in my facebook. i hope... (:
sang with Kelvin, Gwen, Chester and this new guy from Taiwan! his name: Charles.
& this guy named Alex, he was so afraid that Gwen and i arent able to hold our alcohol. 
hahahahah! JOKE.

i cant belief i dint wish Dion my darling on her birthday.
i totally forgottttt.. damn!
shit. im so sorry.
forgive me my darling. 
yknow i still do love you (:

anyway, so much for now!
tuesday having dinner with Marcus, Kelvin, Nick, Gwen, Val, Ahloon, Chester!!
HOT POT!!! (:
yummy yummy... 
celebrate Marcus's ACTUAL birthdayyyyyy...

★•·.·´¯`·.·• ☆EILEEN☆ •·.·´¯`·.·• ★
4:45 PM

.Sunday, July 19, 2009 ' Y

hmm... im being asked to blog!!
by who? by Joey Ong.
okay la. its my fault for not blogging for almost a month or slightly more than that.
i was tooooooo busy to blog.
busy with school and partying and tving and pooling and studying!!
yes! studying....

new friends!! woohoo~
my lovely wonderful mama = Gwen!
the see little fly also scream girl = Durga!
the girl who whines = Shirley!
the girl who says im her lovely toilet bowl = Val!
the girl who claims that Jay is better than Show (not true) = Cherine!
the guy who thinks im a genius = Will Lim HoYoung!
the guy who is younger than me, thinks like an old man, looks like a girl = Eddy!
the guy who sits like a girl = Elvis!
the guy who thinks 'whatever' = Park JiHun!
the guy who has a tanned & rather absy figure = Chester!
the guy who is apparently older than all of us = Nick!
the guy who loves bullying and killing me in cs = Marcus!
the guy who is the "partner' of Elvis (just joking) = Louis!
(so far thats all i remember... ...)

anyway... im starting to enjoy the life here.
the friends here are so far not bad!
cooking and experimenting new food everyday...
but recently all of us are BROKE!
so we decided to live on indomie for the rest of July, and maybe half of August (:
we have 4 cartons of it. and now we're down with 2 ):
i love indomie.
and all of them gave me a name "Queen of IndoMie'
becos i can perfect the so simple plate of noodles to some superb plate of noodles.
with eggs, cabbage, veg, meat, sausage... blah blah blah...
even Eddy is in love with it...
breakfast, lunch and dinner. all indomie!
if i die, its all the cause of indomie.
i live for indomie, die of indomie.
hahahahahahahahaha =D

★•·.·´¯`·.·• ☆EILEEN☆ •·.·´¯`·.·• ★
9:53 PM

.Thursday, June 18, 2009 ' Y

oh yay! today i have another wonderful dinner (:
we have... radish soup, stir fried broccolis with capsicum & onion eggs!!!
Gwen &i did the soup, as usual.
she fried the eggs.
i fried the vegetables (:
too bad have no pictures of today's dinner.
im so lucky to be once upon a time from f&n, or i'll prolly be dead by now.
Gwen have good cooking too..
Durga is damn lucky to have the both of us la. i swear.

anyway... went out shopping with daddy & mummy in the day.
i got more clothes!!
2 guess jeans.
2 shorts, 1 sweat, 2 shirts & 1 bath robe from...cotton on ((:
im going for ore shopping & groceries with them tmr after sch!!
tmr we need to head down to school for a bit.
need to have photos taken & to collect our student id.
more or less like rp. just that u do both in 1 day.
and NO queue...

i still do miss ppl.
Joey, Dion, Dominick, Khabir, Twin, Eric.C, Eric.Z, Derrick, Nana, Victor, Min, Jamal!!!!
i wanna see them like soon soon soon.
though it was only 1mth plus of knowing them, and maybe less then 1 mth of knowing them...
but it feels like forever mann.
o wells, no matter what! you guys will always be the one i'll be thinking & missing ((:
love love.

(anyways, here are the pictures of my room & our FIRST dinner. as promised.)

stove + counter top + our storage of instant noodles ((:

Durga (rp graduate) + Gwen cooking black pepper chicken!

fridge with only vege, eggs, milk n orange juice. + Gwen (:

dinner time!!
my room! + study table (:
nice nice bed.

Spongebob with Piglet + Spongebob (from Dom & Kha)

★•·.·´¯`·.·• ☆EILEEN☆ •·.·´¯`·.·• ★
7:22 PM

.Tuesday, June 16, 2009 ' Y

eileen is back online, like finally.
she waited 2 good days before the technician actually came to connect her lappy & her 2 house mates lappy to the stupid server.
o wells, now that im online, no one is online.
cos its like... 7plus at night here & 5plus in the evening in spore.
my darlings are probably going home...

14June, night.
went to the airport with Sinying and her parents.
her daddy sent us to the airport.
after checking in my luggages, i went down to Popeyes to look for my darlings.
Joey, Dion, Khabir, Dominick & Jamal.
Jamal's appearance was shocking. i dint expect him to be there.
aww... thanks darl.
Dominick & Khabir got me a super shocking present.
i've got a huge Spongebob & i hugged it to sleep already.
nice, sweet, cosy, with all their loves in it (:
Joey's card was damn sweet. with notes written by all of them.
Dion's card was emo! i swear. both cards made me cry like hell at night.
i look like a damn gold fish now.
but thanks to makeup, i think its kind of better.
i really miss all of them.
not just the 5 of them, duh!
but also... Farhana, Victor, Derrick, Eric, Leon, Alouis. &many more
i wanna get myself back in spore as soon as possible!! urghh...
Joey, more food marathon coming up k!?

went downt to boxhill with Gwen & Dargu to do groceries!!!
bought so many stuffs and we've to lug it back home.
hands are like... pain!!!! )):
o wells, dinner tonight is on me & Gwen.
we're going to cook dinner!! yay.
corn soup, fried vege, black pepper chicken (:
hahaha... and rice of cos.
(photos up next time)

speaking of pictures/photos,
daddy got me a new camera!!! (:
sony cybershot T90!!

all photos will be up soon. i hope (:
be back soon!

★•·.·´¯`·.·• ☆EILEEN☆ •·.·´¯`·.·• ★
6:17 PM


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